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Led by Angie Sciberras, an architect in Malta and a space-visionary, this studio explores the purpose of spaces & reinterprets them. Creating stunning, inspirational and functional designs.


about you.

Our professional architecture team is devoted to digging down to the deepest level of involvement with our clients, so that we can deliver the highest possible standard of design excellence for their projects.

Our design philosophy.

For commercial design, the company culture, nature of business and brand all influence our approach. For residential, it’s about discovering the character of the people you are working for and creating designs that maximise their interests and passions.

We have a specific formula we follow to achieve success. A four-stage design process that takes us right from listening to our clients and experiencing spaces ourselves, all the way to supervision and efficient execution.

Inspired by the fabric of society.

Angie the Architect is the architecture agency founded by Angela Sciberras, arguably one of the most talented design architects in Malta. Her designs have aided her clients to provide award-winning environments for staff to work in.

angie the architect - photo

Angela Sciberras

Architectural Designer

Angie and her team have a flair for designing beautiful yet functional spaces. Each project captures a residential client’s character, or cleverly integrates the heart of a commercial client’s brand values into the design proposal – interpreting them in captivating form.

Young only by the standards of the highest level of the profession, Angie graduated from the University of Malta in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

An architect whose fresh approach, creativity and inspiration comes from the very fabric of society. What better muse is there when you’re in the business of designing stunning spaces for people to enjoy?

Angie and her team are fast becoming one of the most sought-after studios in Malta for Architecture, Interior Design, Renovation and Landscape Design for office and residential projects.

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