A winning process.


Discovery Stage

There is potential in every space. But in order to maximise it, the space must be experienced first-hand. Following a preliminary briefing session with our client, our team schedule several visits to the location. We look for how natural light interacts with the space and the noise levels through-out the day, as well as other important details.

Once we have this information in hand, we can provide clients with a more realistic time frame for the whole project and what needs to be involved.

Being thorough at the start means we are better at avoiding last minute surprises that cause delays and additional costs. It also means we can liaise with the proper authorities early on, ensuring we adhere to the relevant policies and regulations. It’s a fundamental step to kick-start the project and it’s why we always recommend that our team is involved as early as possible.


Design & Planning

If the space is already being used, we ask the people inside what the physical limitations are at present and what else might be needed in the future. For commercial property designs we dig deep into the brand looking at ways we can put the brand’s values into tangible aspects of the design. For residential we want to interview our clients to understand how they live.

Foresight is something we specialize in. Sometimes our clients’ briefs revolve around how the space will be used for the next year or so. We ask what it might be used for in 5 years. Our commercial clients appreciate this added value because we can provide solutions that work both in today’s context and for tomorrow’s ambitions.

Spatial planning is a key factor to consider when we are in our design space. Spending 40 hours a week in any space is a big commitment. We want our commercial clients’ employees to work in healthy environments that promote productivity, relaxation, focus or social interaction as required.


Detailing &

Every space is unique. But what is even more important is appreciating that every client is different as well. And that means ensuring our designs are as original as the people and brands we are working for. We don’t and can’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s not in our DNA.

After the initial designs are approved, we go deeper into delivering detailing that captures the essence of a company or of the people who commissioned the job. If the brand is based on boldness and bravery, we include detailing that portrays this. If on the other hand, we have a residential client who wants tranquility and quiet, we customize our designs to really bring that feeling into play.

Reflecting character into design is a strong point of ours. In fact, our designs have won awards for this very reason.


Site Supervision &
Quality Control

This phase will include supervising any work of any contractor or supplier as they install the work, and ensure that the finish is in accordance to the level of detail necessary for this project. This will allow for various site visits over the period of works depending on the project requirements.

• Supervision of works during finishes stage
• Weekly group meeting with client, and suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, project managers, M&E engineers and other similar personnel involved in the project
• Quality and detailing checks of items delivered and installed

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