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Kitchens are possibly the most important heart of any household. Serving as a nucleus to a happy and healthy environment.

A haven where families congregate, share events or plans for the day and laugh together. Somewhere to start and end our days. Where delicious meals are brought to life. Where guests are greeted and made to feel welcome. A creative outlet for cooking, contemplating, chatting and entertaining.

A kitchen is a very personal place to the person who uses it most often.

Our client’s kitchen had served her well. Over 20 years of delicious meals and baked goodies for the entire family had come out of this very space. But her recent onset of arthritis had made the kitchen impractical and uncomfortable to work in. Just maneuvering around the units was becoming an unwelcome chore and after such a length of time with no updating or alterations, she felt the space could do with being completely renovated.

She approached our team wanting to revamp and modernize the space.


Ibragg, Malta



Project Type

Residential Interior Design Detailing


Discovery Stage

Some of the most special moments in any household are created in the kitchen. Our client’s request went beyond a simple modernizing of the space.

To be able to provide our client with a very customised design solution, we needed to listen and observe exactly which areas of the existing kitchen were no longer serving our client and to understand how we could accommodate her condition, habits and passions into our design.

Originally from the UK, our client loved the ritual of making a cup of tea and enjoying it whilst relaxing in the kitchen. She also loved baking and couldn’t see herself stopping any time soon.

Very hospitable in her manner, our client adored entertaining guests in her kitchen but often fretted that she wouldn’t be able to tidy up in time.

Through listening to her and understanding certain physical limitations, brought about by the onset of arthritis, we knew the room had to deliver beauty and practicality, in equal measure.


Design & Planning

When we approach design, we always try to think about how to maximise the existing conditions of the space we’re looking at. An important starting point was understanding that arthritis is a painful condition which tends to get worse with the cold, so we introduced underfloor heating to help ease her discomfort during the colder months.
Facilitating our client’s current physical reality was crucial to the success of the project. As we sketched out our ideas, we put her ‘ease of use’ of the kitchen as a top priority.

We designed four zones within the kitchen, each one reflecting our client’s everyday habits: baking, tea-making, entertaining guests and keeping tidy.
Part of the kitchen was a conservatory which overlooked a beautiful garden to the rear of the property. Taking advantage of this area gave us a lot of natural light to play around with, helping to breathe some daylight into the space. It also provided us with the perfect space for our client to entertain her guests, whilst sat looking out over a peaceful view.


Detailing and Customisation

We designed this space to be aesthetically beautiful, but what always matters most is the function, the way the space is used every day.
We focused the detailing on mobility and convenient functionality, by dimensioning off all cupboards and widening all walking spaces to 1.4m to allow easy access.
Being able to sit down or get up comfortably was imperative, so seating options were designed accordingly.
We also raised the counter spaces and chose drawers which required minimal effort to open and easier handles to grab and pull. Shelving was all placed as a reasonable height to reach items inside.

The island in the centre of the room provided additional counter space for cooking and preparations, as well as storage in the form of drawers.
The baking area could easily be screened off, for a quick cover-up of any floury or chocolatey mess. On the other hand, the tea-making area was extended, perfect for her everyday needs.
No detail was overlooked including a nice cupboard setting for the water dispenser.
Opting for a soft medium cream coloured wood, we finished with white furniture and detailing in vivid blues to keep the ambiance bright, fresh and calm.


Project Manegement & Execution

Once plans and designs were approved by our client we coordinated and oversaw the whole life cycle of the kitchen transformation. Right through from design planning, contractor sourcing and management to construction, installation and final completion.

The result is a kitchen space uniquely designed around our client’s lifestyle today and for some time to come. A kitchen she can be proud of and enjoy using every single day.

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