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The gaming industry thrives on rapid growth and high-energy brands, with success hinging on swift product launches and adept network management. Yet, beyond core business goals, talent acquisition and retention are paramount. Crafting spaces for such dynamic businesses is a challenge we embrace.

Games Global enlisted our team to transform their new offices in Tal-Ibraġġ, replacing the previous tenant, Casumo. We faced not only time constraints but also the task of infusing Games Global’s brand essence into the space effectively. Thankfully, the existing features, including lighting and acoustic treatments, provided a solid foundation. We agreed with the client to minimise structural changes to expedite the move and align with budgetary constraints.

In an unusual move, our client took on the role of project manager, accelerating the process significantly. Dividing the offices into two areas, we first tackled Area One, a 650sqm space.

By refreshing the carpets and walls, we let Games Global’s branding shine through. We introduced functional elements such as a kitchenette and CEO’s office while decluttering the visual aesthetic with custom storage units.

Area Two, though smaller at 450sqm, demanded creative flair. It required dedicated meeting spaces for client interactions, informal meeting zones reminiscent of hotel lobbies and a spacious kitchen and dining area.

Working our way around the room, along the left wall as you enter, we fabricated an external boardroom adjacent to a separate meeting room where our client could host more private strategy sessions with clients. Soft carpeting in the brands plush dark blue colour served as a directional path along these rooms.





Project Type

Office | Interior | Architectural Design | Commercial | Workspace

Design Architects

Angie the Architect Angie Sciberras & Victor Palma Herrero

M&E Engineers

Camilleri Cuschieri

Decor & Styling



Studio Konnect

Along the expansive rear balcony wall, curtains gracefully modulated natural light, providing versatility as needed. Embracing the hotel lobby ambiance, paired back-to-back leather sofas and chic coffee table arrangements provided Games Global with an inviting yet sophisticated space for hosting clients. The warm tan hues of the sofas harmonised flawlessly with the soft, ethereal tones of the floor-to-ceiling curtains, completing the elegant five-star hotel decor concept.

Towards the end of this wall, we designated a spacious presentation zone. Here, a generously proportioned 10-seater sofa is strategically positioned at an optimal distance from a custom-built TV unit, purposefully designed to accommodate an expansive 72-inch screen in a specially constructed inlet. Painted in the striking and distinctive shade of Games Global’s signature dark blue, this setup serves as a captivating backdrop for the team to showcase their creative adventures on screen.

The TV unit seamlessly transitions across the rear wall, providing essential storage space. As it approaches the kitchen area, we were inspired to include a unique addition. A cosy bench seating nook, adding another layer of innovation for Games Global. This charming retreat, ideal for coffee enthusiasts, offers a tranquil space for moments of respite or casual conversations over a brew with colleagues. The unit concludes with discreetly integrated amenities, including a hidden fridge, sink and dedicated space for their beloved and frequently utilised coffee setup.

We positioned a spacious kitchen along the wall, opposite an impressive kitchen island. The light wood colour scheme created a warm ambiance and seamlessly blended with the oak laminate flooring, enhancing the sense of space. Additionally, we installed floor-to-ceiling windows in the far corner and crafted a bar area with stools, providing a refreshing spot for team members seeking natural light.

Towards the heart of the room, we conceived an M-shaped freestanding partition adorned with wooden panels, elegantly painted in their rich, deep blue hue. Within the open triangular spaces formed by this architectural feature, we curated curved cushioned seating and circular tables, delineating distinct dining and meeting zones. Beyond mere functionality, this central focal point ensured privacy for the meeting rooms nestled behind it. Alongside, supplementary dining tables punctuated the expansive open plan, strategically positioned near the kitchen, while accommodating leisure activities closer to the coffee nook.

Strategically placed greenery enhanced the tranquil ambiance, harmonizing flawlessly with the dark blues and light wood tones.

Games Global’s operational philosophy, characterised by dynamic client engagement and team synergy, demands architectural solutions that embody excellence and foster interaction. Their vibrant business ethos resonated with us from our initial encounter.

At Angie the Architect, we transcend conventional space design, striving to craft environments that not only accommodate the day-to-day of office life, but also inspire creativity, collaboration and achievement in the digital realm.

While designing for the gaming industry poses unique challenges, our approach integrates architectural innovation with the fast-paced nature of these enterprises. By drawing inspiration from our expertise and grasping a deep understanding of the brand’s ethos, we create spaces that transcend mere functionality. These environments serve as catalysts for elevating businesses to new heights of success.

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