Architectural Ingenuity: Exploring New Horizons

In contemporary architectural endeavours focused on workspaces, a compelling narrative is indispensable. We aim to craft a design tale that conjures tranquillity, hyper-creativity, individual focus and collaborative triumph. Every spatial detail is meticulously honed to reaffirm that the workspace isn’t merely a site for labour but a catalyst to inspire and propel a company’s aspirations.

Engaged by the vibrant and successful brand Relax Gaming, we were tasked with reimagining their workspace to harmonise with the company’s culture and inventive ethos.

Nestled on the 8th floor of one of Malta’s premier LEED-certified buildings at Tigne Point, Sliema, Relax Gaming’s headquarters provided us with an unparalleled canvas. With panoramic views of the open seas and the historic Valletta skyline, these ever-changing vistas became our muse.

While considering an office’s collective purpose, we also deliberate on the most prominent features and functions to best allocate space. This approach led us to designate areas for collaboration, relaxation and entertainment pointing towards the uninterrupted sea view. On the other hand, desks and general office space would be nestled towards the Valletta city skyline. This division brought equality for the team. Not an entirely new concept to architectural interior design, but one that we hope will gain more prominence. Equally sharing the best of the view and the reverse of the view depending on the activity, not the seniority.

Our design philosophy emphasises adaptability to the dynamic nature of creative work. The Brainstorming Room stands as a testament to this belief, being flexible and adjustable to cater to the evolving needs of creative minds. An area that can mirror the fluidity of ideas, which for our client’s line of business was paramount to their success.





Project Type

Office | Interior | Architectural Design | Commercial | Workspace

Design Architects

Angie the Architect Angie Sciberras & Victor Palma Herrero

Project Management

MAKS Engineering Ltd Karl Attard

Decor & Styling



Diana Iskander Photography

The meticulously crafted kitchen, with its polished black paneling and imposing kitchen island, juxtaposed against the softer parquet flooring, exudes sophistication. Paired with a selection of differently sized dining tables and a bar with stools overlooking the sea, it creates an inviting space for both feasting and visual indulgence.

Amidst the bustling office environment, we carved out an Oasis—a retreat with sea views, plush seating and verdant greenery, fostering a rejuvenating atmosphere for everyone to take a moment or two inside. In true Angie the Architect style, this foliage was not limited to one area, but fed into the offices like a lifeline of tranquillity, branching out to bring the power of nature from the outside in.

The Games Room, featuring a large sofa and TV, offers the Relax Gaming team a space to unwind and provides clients with an immersive gaming experience during pitches and presentations.

Meeting rooms, adorned with sleek black wall panelling and colourful branded neon signs, are spaces designed for more immersive brainstorming sessions. Cleverly integrating the dotted X feature from our client’s logo into the custom acoustic panels, which can be opened or closed as needed, brought the brand into the design with professional subtlety.

From desk dividers to height-adjustable desks and plug-in, portable meeting rooms, our design balances elegance with practicality, reflecting Relax Gaming’s ethos of nurturing both productivity and well-being.

Whilst in some cases office interior design demands imposing branding, in this case, it was the brands culture that fed the creativity. Use of black and occasional touches of the brand’s bold secondary colour palette, like through the neon boardroom signs and in the reception area, made the brand experience professional and electric.

Relax Gaming’s team ethic fed into this project. By taking on board our expert advice, we were able to understand the space together and meet what was a very tight timeframe successfully.

One of the more poignant moments came at the very end of this project. We were invited to a casual evening of fun in the offices, playing foosball against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is in those rare moments, in this case amidst the laughter of competitive play, that we experienced the tangible synergy between our design concept and the day-to-day usage of the space. A testament to the success of purposeful and experiential design.

Great games are not designed within the confines of traditional workspaces. Sometimes offering better experiences for customers starts with a blueprint for workspaces for the team that inspire, rejuvenate and celebrate the beauty of architectural innovation.

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