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Any residential space we design, be it outdoor or indoor, is always influenced by our client’s passions and character.

Designing this outdoor space was an exciting opportunity for us because you only have to meet our client Pierre Lindh once – to know this is a man who loves to live life to the full. Our challenge was to design a space that could match his natural artistic flair.

When he approached our team to look at redesigning his spacious back terrace his brief was very particular. Colour. Vibrancy. Zen. He wanted an area which was inviting and comfortable. A place which was perfect for the numerous activities he enjoyed. From early morning yoga to late evening chats. From watching movies or sports on a lazy weekend to occasional barbeque parties. And most of all, a space in which he and his adorable dog Valpen could spend time playing together comfortably.

Interestingly, Pierre wasn’t into the stiff formality of normal tables and chairs. Instead, he wanted to maximise the floor area with cushions and decorative features.

Our client’s enthusiasm for living a good life permeated our creativity and we set to work on designing a space that could live up to the energy of this dynamic client. A space where function didn’t overwhelm form and where his character could truly shine through.

Emotions played a strong role in our creative process. We wanted to design a space for laughter and love, excitement and fun, calmness and relaxation. So it was important that our design proposal could create an ambiance where everything was possible and nothing was overlooked. It was also crucial to make the most out of the available space. Which is why we chose not to close off any areas with partitions, instead allowing the area to feel free and open.

We did however, feel the need to erect wooden fencing on the high side walls. This created the intended ‘cosy’ feel but didn’t cut off natural air supply.

Influenced by Moroccan style, which is often full of vibrant colours and textures, we chose a strong emerald colour for the walls which provided an aura of soothing positivity. This perfectly complemented the nature-inspired green turf we chose to carpet the floor with.

We worked with top fashion designer Julia Boikova, using her expertise in textures and fabrics to design and source the soft furnishings like the carpets and cushions. Her suggested mix of natural and raw materials, colours and ethnic designs added a new dimension to the space.

The stunning natural bamboo roof we designed offered necessary privacy. With the addition of fairy and string lights we created an almost gypsy-like mood. Touches of bougainvillea trees also brought nature’s colours into the mix.

The result is a space which our client, his loved ones and his friends (furry or human) can enjoy to the full. Whether it’s for quiet contemplation and star gazing or talking till the early hours of the morning, Pierre Lindh has a terrace designed to be a true reflection of his Bohemian spirit.

Read the full article about this project which was featured in EBM magazine in 2018. (Page 79-81)





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