An office designed for employees first.

Play’n Go is a reputed brand in the iGaming world, known for their pioneering game design and development. The company places tremendous emphasis on providing staff with a creative and inspiring place to work.

When Play’n Go commissioned our team to design their new office space, the brief was unconventional by Maltese architectural standards: employees’ happiness had to come first in every part of the proposal. The company was after a charismatic interior, with multiple ‘wow’ factors around almost every corner. A well-designed space that reflected and enhanced their unique brand personality.

With our strong commitment to designing spaces for people to enjoy interacting with, this was a perfect project for our team to undertake. 

The result of our work is a phenomenal 6-star rated office, with combinations of fun, flexibility and function in every area.

The vibrancy of Play’n Go’s brand has been brought to life throughout the space, from the most prominent features to the minutest of details.


Sliema, Tigne Centre, Malta



Project Type

Workplace Interior Design


Discovery Stage

Play’n Go’s new offices cover 1600m2. An entire level of one of the trendiest business postcodes in Tigné, Sliema. Selecting the 4th floor ensured privacy for the company and enabled them to maximise on natural light.

Experiencing the space for ourselves on numerous occasions, and at different times of the day, was a fundamental part of our discovery stage. We looked at how the light interacted with the interior from dawn to dusk. We explored ideas on how each view could be maximised; including the sea-facing wing, the side overlooking the stunning Valletta breakwater jetty and the view looking out onto a bustling pjazza.

We also dug deep into the full spectrum of our client’s operational requirements.

Through a series of meetings and workgroup sessions, we looked at Play’n Go’s day-to-day running. How many meetings are held? How many spaces are needed for privacy? How important are areas to enhance team building? What storage is required? How often did clients come for meetings? Did staff need quiet areas to focus in or places for high-energy intervals? Who had to have locked down workstations and who didn’t need that kind of constraint?

As creative thinkers, we appreciate that we must explore ideas that not only answer today’s operational demands but also the ones in the future. How was the company intending to grow? How many staff would be using the space within the next few years?

We referred to the building safety procedures, planning permits and the protocols for designs that had to be met. No technical aspect was overlooked.

Research by our team showed that today’s millennial workforce demands a higher quality environment to work in. They want to work for aspirational brands that they can align their sense of self to, something that helps to keep them loyal.

We know that cultural values can no longer live as poster artworks along the walls, easy to ignore, easier to forget. It must mean more.

Attracting this young ambitious age group requires an integrated interior design that turns corporate values into fun everyday experiences. All within an open plan setting.

The discovery stage helped us to explore all the possible architectural design options and start narrowing on ideas that would enhance Play’n Go’s overall business strategies.


Design & Planning

Play’n Go wanted to give staff a memorable workplace experience. A Maltese office like no other, influenced by brands such as Google and Spotify.

Designing an office workspace for high-performance begins with appreciating you can’t take a one size fits all approach. Giving staff the flexibility to move around was of the uttermost importance. We already knew we wanted to introduce the idea of A2 concept seating, so staff could really ‘plug and work’ anywhere in the office. The desks can also be raised to standing height to cater for healthier posture.

We approached the project from the onset by sketching contrasting work and relaxation environments throughout the space. Each zone had a specific purpose: to calm, to energize, to focus, to collaborate, to promote, to replenish, to welcome and to feel at home.

As our sketches took shape, we focused on four key design concepts:

Employees. The office space had to be designed to promote well-being and employee happiness. Helping people perform their relevant tasks in an environment to match the task at hand. We love using nature and brought a strong biophilic influence into our proposals.

Growth. As businesses flourish, technologies change and workspaces need to evolve. Spatial planning was of the uttermost importance. We illuminated this by preparing two proposals. The space in 2018 and, through the flexibility of our design concept, the space in 2021.

The 50:50 Rule. Work-life balance is something everyone strives to achieve. We incorporated this concept with designs that provided equal measures of unconventional workspaces and homestyle areas.

Branding. We wanted an interior design that offered a tactile brand essence. To be able to capture the brand successfully it was important to express Play’n Go’s culture in every aspect of the design, in ways staff members could feel, beyond see.

By looking at creating adaptive space, we knew it could lead to improved efficiencies. As we moved on from sketches to 2D and 3D renders the ideas were taking shape…

An area for concentration, research and tasks that demanded peace and quiet. Our hushed library is dotted with small project tables for quiet sessions, high back armchairs with covered sides for privacy and small coffee tables for convenience. Walls lined with books and ornaments added the finishing touches. An ideal area for tasks that require quiet and focus.


Detailing and Customisation

We had designed a physical story for Play’n Go staff and for the brand. A celebration of fun and function.

Colour, texture and materials were chosen very carefully. Each time the concept for an area was finalized, we probed different ways in which to fully instill the brand into the space. Employee well-being was at the forefront of our minds.

Nature is a core component of our design philosophy and indoor landscaping plays a huge role in our work. We infused the offices with nature-inspired touches, ranging from customized items built from wood, to numerous plants and large trees. A clever use of plant-dividers meant areas could be comfortably separated from each other yet not fully disconnected.

We dotted energy stations strategically throughout the office as areas for staff to take a break, stretch their legs, rehydrate and replenish their sugar levels. Branded with black floors, yellow floors and black insulation boards. The larger of which incorporated furniture with interchangeable formations.

It was important to opt for environmentally-friendly furniture. Sourced from Wilkhahn, we selected high-quality, dynamic conference furniture that added a striking touch to the overall design of the space. The overall look of all meeting areas was sleek but equally capable of inspiring staff to think outside the box.

Taking inspiration from exhibitions, we incorporated large metal showcase structures, close to the reception and welcome area, to offer Play’n Go dynamic space in which to promote their latest games. The flexibility of the structure means the company can dress up, dress down or change the entire look of these ceiling-high exhibition stands as required.

We introduced energy pods in the dark room. The first time to be used in Malta, these pods are perfect for grabbing a 15 to 20-minute nap and are designed to give the human body and mind the boost they need to continue working. Alongside these energy pods we placed Gotessons’ bean bags which, with their unusual shape, are very easy for staff to catch the odd forty-winks on.

Recent studies have shown that around 50% of employees cite the lack of sound privacy as the most frustrating aspect of their open plan work environment. We sourced and incorporated Framery’s phone-booths, the first of their kind in Malta. Perfect in their functional simplicity, the larger booths offer staff privacy for small meetings, but still add an original touch to the overall design of the offices. The smaller pods serve as proper phone booths where staff can step inside to take a quick personal call.


Project Manegement & Execution

Professional project management, overseeing of suppliers, budget monitoring and site management was covered by our team at every step.

We evaluated numerous supplier quotes before making our recommendations. We monitored the construction process daily to ensure it met with our detailed plans and specifications. We chased, liaised and pressured at all the right times. Our eyes were always on the bigger picture, making sure this project had no nasty surprises that required workarounds, re-designs, additional fees or delays at the last minute.

By involving us at an early stage we were able to deliver Play’n Go with a higher quality design, meticulously meeting their business objectives. Ensuring their project was designed to meet the brief, completed on time and to budget.

From open to closed, collaborative to focused, cosy to bright and powerful to soft spaces – Play’n Go’s 6-star offices inspire cooperation between staff. They are designed to make every team member feel valued for their creativity, individual personality and their dedication to the job.

And at the end of the day, that’s a huge part of what we think makes an employee – truly happy at work.

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