Better workforces start with better workspaces

Videoslots is a successful online casino with head offices located in Malta. The company’s quality-driven motto is that only the best online games are good enough for their loyal players. This same thought-process influences their belief that only the best workspace is good enough for their valued employees.

Through our experience working on architectural and interior design projects for companies in the gaming industry, we have noticed some common traits amongst the biggest names in the field.

The best brands always value their staff.

They believe that to attract and retain first-class employees, they must ensure that they provide the right kind of environment for staff to function, relax and grow within.

Every entity in the gaming industry is also unique. Their individual brand values greatly influence their overall corporate culture and modus operandi.

This uniqueness blends in well with our inability to deliver ‘one size fits all’ designs. Every client we work with, every project we work on and every space we design is distinctive in both purpose and form.

The company approached our team looking to redesign an existing office, spread over two floors. The brief was simple. Create an environment that would make staff feel comfortable and would be conducive to productivity in the workplace.

Our design concept for Videoslots was to find a way to help the exterior communicate with the interior, essentially injecting the inside with nature. This was led by our knowledge that flora inside a work environment contributes to better focus and thus a more efficient workforce.


Pieta, Malta



Project Type

Workplace Interior Design


Discovery Stage

We studied the available space in detail. We looked at the company’s structure. At the number of departments, the scope of each division’s tasks. We reviewed their overall business objectives. Their plans for growth.

We held meetings with senior management to discuss their requirements. We also met employees from every level in the business to understand what they were looking for, what was lacking, what could be improved.

We spent time in the space itself, listening to noise levels, looking at the best features the rooms had to offer, how the natural light interacted with the building. We dug deep into our research.

Making sure we understood the dynamic of the space was fundamental to ensuring the designs we proposed would be effective in creating a fun, funky and efficient workspace for this brand.


Design & Planning

It was important to split work and leisure in a structured manner. We dedicated the first floor of the operation to workspaces, offices, meeting rooms and the reception area. Upstairs would house senior management’s offices and provide areas in which the staff could relax and unwind at various times of their day.

This was a Scandinavian owned company set in a backdrop of the Mediterranean. It was natural for our designs to be influenced by smooth finishes, wooden touches and rich fauna. Our sketches explored the idea of integrating nature into the design ethos.
Nature inspires calm.
Calm enables focus.
Focus produces higher quality work.

We introduced nature islands to sit alongside the open plan workspaces. These small but effective miniature gardens, nestled amongst rows of desks, provided a resting point for computer-weary eyes, touches of greenery which added colour to the environment and oxygen into the air.

We presented natural materials in the form of branded wood panelling to function as room dividers.

Serving as the frame to a more corporate reception area, these panels gave visitors punctured views of the spaces behind them. A design ‘tease’, with glimpses of life and activity behind, but cleverly covered for professional privacy.

The nature of the business meant the space had to be designed to match the type of task at hand. During our discovery stage, we liaised with the HR department, looking at how the offices would be best structured for daily activities.

We needed a mix of open areas for collaborative work and private rooms or screened off areas for urgent private meetings, training sessions and the more absorbing tasks. Splitting the environment in such a permeable manner empowered staff with options so that they could find the right habitat to conduct work efficiently.

The second-floor design was predominantly dedicated to leisure. Sound was a key factor in our proposed layouts. We pushed the noisier dining facilities close to the main terrace. Whilst the quieter areas were nestled nearer to the building’s fringes, which were overlooked by the management team’s offices.

Captivating views on all sides of the building were maximized by the numerous terraces enveloping the offices. In theme with our nature inspired design, we planted traditional Mediterranean bougainvillea into the relaxation areas, letting it creep up vertically along the external habitat of the walls.

Set against a perfect backdrop of stunning Maltese sunsets, these terraces were wonderful areas to entertain guests and organize company events on.


Detailing and Customisation

Our furniture selection was influenced by the brand’s Scandinavian owners. Sharp well-designed lines, with whitewash finishes and wooden touches. Fresh and functional. Where possible we also re-used existing furniture to aid with budget management.

For the relaxation areas and a few other key locations inside the offices, we wanted to counteract the purity of our proposal with bursts of colour, motion and messages. Floor-to-ceiling and edge-to-edge wall art that shouted ‘fun’. Inside of the offices we opted for wall art branding using Videoslots game imagery.


Project Manegement & Execution

Starting with discovery, to sketching designs, to budget monitoring and supplier management, all the way to implementing the finishing touches – our approach is based on delivering quality project management at every step.

We never consider any detail small enough to be overlooked. From designing the nature islands to picking out the plants with the company’s in-house gardener, we were involved in the whole process for this interior design project.

It’s a mix of our active listening skills, ability to understand how space needs to be used today and tomorrow, how it will be enjoyed and how it must bring about the best results, that tends to set us apart.

Videoslots was an opportunity to go beyond conceptualizing a harmonious office environment to physically creating it.
This vibrant brand and hard-working team deserved nothing less.

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